silverwhistle (silverwhistle) wrote in corinthe,

Starting to develop weird cross-over fic notions…

I've started to get into Ninety-Three, and in parts it makes me scream.
Boys, boys… You spend all night in prison debating the philosophy and ethics of revolution, instead of doing something useful like planning an escape?!!!
And Victor, did it never cross your mind that there's a serious "squick" factor in having a girl with a chest/shoulder wound, who happens to be a nursing mother, tended by an old man…? (Clue: it's not just cows that have to be milked…)
Not to mention the usual "the higher the body count, the better" Victor attitude: no, you can't let one of your heroes live on, a sadder and wiser man, can you?

Anyway, I was talking about it in a café today with a friend, who's a Scarlet Pimpernel fan, and we started to develop a slightly mad notion of a crossover fic, using an episode of the BBC SP series (with Richard E Grant) as a jumping-off point… Things may get silly…
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