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The Corinthe

Les Miserables and Victor Hugo Discussion

Les Miserables and Victor Hugo Discussion
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A discussion forum for all of Victor Hugo's work (though Les Mis was originally the inspiration for this community) and fanfic springing from said work. This is a recent change, so please note that all of Victor Hugo's works, including all novels, poetry and plays are fair game for discussion.

Discussion of any and all aspects of the works is welcome and encouraged (this is why we're here after all). We hold very little sacred, so feel free to express any opinions you have, unpopular or unusual as they may be. But, be prepared to back up your opinions. I don't want flame wars, but I love good debate. If you're looking for discussion about the musical adaptation of Les Miserables, there are many places that offer that, including lesmis and mizzies.

Basic posting guidelines do apply. If posting any fanfic for comments/beta, please use a cut if it is over 500 words or contains any questionable material (questionable material being explicit sexual content or extreme blood/profanity, obviously a certain amount of that is part and parcel with the original content of the Hugo's work). All genres (het/slash/gen) are welcome, and any pairings. When posting a fic, be prepared for the fact that you're asking for comments and they will likely not all include professions of your genius and offers of undying love. That being said, be polite and constructive when commenting.

Any questions/comments/concerns/flames can be directed to your friendly neighborhood maintainer, ladybretagne.