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lesmisquote (Zazzle)

Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you know about a Zazzle store I set up a while ago selling clothing, accessories and other stuff featuring quotations from Les Mis (the book). Most of the products are available in both the original French and an English translation (usually McAfee/Fahnestock), and the mugs I have designed include both languages.

The designs are entirely a result of my messing around when I had some spare time and I'm certainly no design expert, but hopefully you might enjoy some of what I've put up there. I tried to keep them light on images (with a couple of exceptions) and focus the designs instead on the words. I've used a slightly random selection of quotations - it would take a long time to go through the Brick systematically, after all. Some were ones that have stood out to me at some point in the past and others that I have found through searching particular chapters as well as simply opening the book at random. At the moment there's a relatively high concentration of barricade-related passages. What can I say? There's some good stuff there.

I created this store during a period when I had lots of spare time, and I had intended to create a full set of products for each design. However, unfortunately, real life caught up with me and so many sections are incomplete. I hope to finish this at some point, and perhaps to start on some new designs, but this can't be in the near future due to my time commitments. However, if there is a design you like and you would like to see it on a particular product, do let me know and I will be happy to create it for you.

The store can be found at*, and there are also country-specific sites including:
UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, etc

The texts I've used so far are:

"Man has one tyrant, Ignorance."

"Hope: The word that the finger of God has written on the brow of everyone."
(Adapted from 1.II.vii)

"There is one spectacle greater than the sea: that is the sky.
There is one spectacle greater than the sky: that is the interior of the soul."

"To write the poem of the human conscience, if only of one man, even the most insignificant man, would be to swallow up all epics in a superior and definitive epic."

"Nothing is more dangerous than discontinued labour; it is habit lost."

"God, having made the mouse, said, "I've made a blunder.""

"To subdue matter is the first step; to realize the ideal is the second."

"Liberty: the sovereignty of myself over myself;
Equality: the concession that each makes to all;
Fraternity: the protection of all over each."
(Adapted from 5.I.v)

"Light! Light! Everything comes from it, and everything returns to it."

"Equality is not a society of big blades of grass and little oaks."
(Slightly adapted from 5.I.v)

"Brothers, whoever dies here dies in the radiance of the future and we are entering a grave illuminated by the dawn."

"Glory to the mattress that nullifies a cannon."

"There are people who observe the rules of honour as we observe the stars, from far off."

"Infallibility is not infallible."

"There is scarcely anything else in the world but to love one another."

And these are a sample of the designs (the design for each quote varies from product to product but remains based on the themes shown here):

I'd love it if you'd check it out. :)
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